The harp is a versatile and beautiful instrument, adaptable to most kinds of music and learning to play the harp is a fun and satisfying experience. There are self-teaching courses available, many of them excellent, but harp technique and beautiful tone production are best and most easily learned from a teacher.

In addition to teaching technique, I have three main goals for my students: to learn how to read music, to awaken the ear, and to discover the joy of making music. I teach both lever harp (Celtic or Irish-style troubadour harp) and pedal (concert style) harp technique. I accept both children and adult students at all levels from new beginner to advanced. Learn to play in a supportive and gentle environment, in a guided step-wise manner that trains the hands and ears to produce a beautiful tone.

My studio, located in West Linn, Oregon operates on a 10-week quarter of weekly lessons. Lessons can be 30 minutes, 45 minutes, or 60 minutes depending on the student's needs and skills. We use the studio harps for lesson but students must have their own instrument to practice on at home. Harps can be rented monthly from various sources if you do not own one.