My harp studies began ten years ago when I decided to finally continue the musical studies I abandoned in college. What initially began as an interesting hobby quickly became a full-blown love affair with harps, both the Celtic-style lever harp and the concert pedal harp. As a child I had many years of piano lessons and played percussion for six years in high school and university orchestras and ensembles. I had initially intended to pursue a music degree but was lured away into Microbiology, in which I earned my Bachelors, Masters, and Ph.D. degrees.

I began my harp studies with Dr. Stephanie Janowski, Resident Harpist with the San José Wind Symphony and was initially trained in the French style of harp technique. Later, when I continued my studies with Ms. Karen Thielen of the Monterey Symphony (Principal Harp), the San José Opera, and the San José Ballet, I was trained in the Salzedo style. I ultimately received a Master of Arts degree in Harp Performance from San José State University, San José CA.

I have played harp professionally for several years. Before leaving California and coming to the Portland area, I played with the San José State University Wind Ensemble, SJSU Orchestra, and the SJSU Symphonic Band. I have been a frequent harpist for Chabot College in Hayward, CA. In addition to regularly playing for weddings and private events, I have been an annual performer at the Filoli Gardens annual Mothers Day Garden Show and with Harpeggio Music's annual Christmas concert, "20 Harps for the Holidays." I recorded the harp music for the film "Generic Thriller" and have been published in The American Harp Journal.

I am a member of American String Teachers Association and the American Harp Society.